I wanted to know five things before I traveled to Iceland


From the day I laid my eyes on the Blue Lagoon’s magical image, I immediately fell in love with it – that’s why my never-ending desire to visit Iceland started.

Before planning my trip to Iceland, I did a lot of research on how to get the best airfares, what is the best time to visit Iceland, what places to stay are affordable and what activities to do etc. But no matter how much research I did, it didn’t matter much about what was waiting for me ahead.

I mean, I’m from New Jersey, so I knew it would be quite challenging for a person like me to travel to a place where there is practically a winter season for 9 to 10 months-but the summer season is also in Iceland, so how bad can it be, right? Well, I was flawed. Very False.

Iceland has steadily risen in terms of popularity among tourists, so there is no excuse to know some basic Iceland stuff that will help you make the most of your trip. I wish I knew five things before I went to Iceland. So here are some tips for you so the hard way you don’t have to learn them

Iceland Is Not For Those Who Are Budget TravelersImage result for ice land

Iceland is a very expensive country and is not really the right destination for budget travelers.Wait for high prices in grocery stores, bars, coffee shops, restaurants and any other retail store you’re planning to buy from. The best advice I can give to budget-conscious travelers is to spend on things you think are needed. I’d recommend that you spend on experiences, not on things ; it’s okay if you’re not bringing gifts back home for everyone.

Know When Its Dark And Light

If it was for the summer season, I probably didn’t have to tell you all that, but you need to know the sunset and sunrise times, given that darkness hangs over in the Arctic during the winter. So the point is that you’re going to have little sunlight, so you have to plan accordingly.What I recommend is that you take the Ring road to the east and south of Reykjavik, travel to a certain point, then turn around. You can’t see the whole road there. But you can see the things you couldn’t see on your return because of the storm or darkness.

Hostels Are Great For AccommodationImage result for ice land

Like I already told you Iceland is an expensive country, so getting Lodging here is also expensive. But I found that Iceland hostels offer versatile and reasonable accommodation. So for those on a tight budget, it’s a great option. Hostels are now available in Iceland for all age groups travelers.Many hostels also provide bed breakfast facilities or, if you prefer to cook your meals, have private kitchens.


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