Quit Smoking – Could You Be 60% Healthier?

quit smoking

I wonder how much healthier are you going to be in the next week if you stop smoking? Would you be healthier by 50 percent or perhaps more.

I’m going to guess you’re going to be 100% fitter in a year. Most smokers don’t exercise much because they think, if I smoke, what’s the point to go to the gym. But one of the first things that happens when a person quits is to start back on some favorite activity, such as gym, running walking, surfing, etc.
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Another thing happens, often as people feel better and can breathe more easily, not only do they move more, but they also begin to make better dietary choices.

This chain of events is further boosted as many of their health problems get better or completely disappear.

Smoking affects your well-being so much that so many systems are affected because each of your 34 trillion cells is exposed to cigarette toxins. But generally speaking, they’re a forgiving lot and you should be in quite good health about a year after you quit.

Just look at some of the aging rock stars that turned a healthy new leaf over, it’s just amazing how much the human body can do to recover.
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Just imagine that from now on it’s a year. For 365 days you’ve been a non-smoker, you can breathe quickly and deeply. You’ve been regularly exercising and feeling strong and fit.

Many of your old symptoms have disappeared and you are eating vegetables and salads as well as health meats and oils and nuts.

Your body would be almost unrecognizable from a year ago’s old model. And I mean old model because your biological clock would have been wounded back for as long as 10 years.

Not only that, but for a nice vacation you would have saved enough money and so you would also be well rested. And all this would have happened because you made a decision, and you went on to have your hypnosis session with quit smoking.

Maybe today is the right day for you to start all those changes, maybe you’ve had enough cigarettes and something inside tells you this is the perfect time to quit and you’re going to be successful right now.

So if you are sick of smoking then what are you going to do about it now.


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