How to earn money by using [ Simple & Easy Steps ] URL Short Link [ 2019 ]


Adfly is a shortener for the URL. Unlike other shorteners for URLs, adfly comes with an optional opportunity to make money. An url that Adfly shortens comes with a twist, you can make money by clicking on your shortened URL.

Earn money with the least possible effort

You don’t need to sit in front of your computer for 8 to 10 hours to earn money. You can still earn money even when you’re sleeping with Adfly’s help. All you need to do is make an account, shorten your URLs and post it on sites for people to click like websites and blogs on social networking. All you have to do after that is to watch how quickly your money is going to grow. Making money by Adfly is

Make money on Adfly URL Shortener blogs

If you have a blog / forum, adfly will provide a javascript code to be placed in your website’s footer section, which will automatically convert all external links to adfly links. However, you do have an option to exclude some of your external links, such as social media pages, which will not be converted into links to Adfly. There are some more options on Adfly’s website that offer you even to monetize your internal links, but I wouldn’t suggest this practice to my readers as it will create intrusion and annoy your website visitors. You must therefore only monetize external adfly links and also ensure that they are nofollowed so that your SEO rankings can not be advertised.

To be able to use Adfly, you don’t have to be a manager, supervisor, marketing strategist, addict to social media or sales agent. Basically, three things a blog / website, external URLs to shorten, and Adfly account are all you need to have. No matter what kind of site it is, let it be a blogspot / blogger blog, a blog for WordPress,Or even a website that is static. They’re all valid. How much you can earn with Adfly depends entirely on the struggle you are making to expose your shortened adfly links to global audiences around the world. If your blog has a lot of traffic, you’re likely to make $10–$20 a day, making $300–$600 a month. On average, people earn those amounts. You may be able to earn more than these figures. So what are you waiting for, start paying for each person who visits your Adfly URL / Link. Good luck!!

How to withdraw from the account / Get paid? make payment to their publishers through several well-known payment methods / online payment gateways such as Payoneer, Payza & PayPal. Paypal & Payza’s minimum payout limit is $ 5 while Payoneer’s withdrawal requires a minimum of $ 10.

Payoneer, PayPal & Payza

Payoneer | PayPal | Payza

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So what do you expect?

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