TikTok to be prohibited in Pakistan

tiktok baned

TikTok is about to be banned in Pakistan, according to ARY News, and TikTok Pakistan will be completely closed from 10th January 2019. This news came as a result of a complaint about the social media application TikTok submitted by a Pakistani resident in Nowshera.The complaint was lodged with the Citizen Portal App of Prime Minister Imran Khan calling the TikTok app a hazard to Pakistan so it should be blocked.

TikTok Pakistan is adversely affecting Youth

In essence, TikTok is nowadays a very famous app that people use to make short videos. It’s a good entertaining app, but it’s also somehow misused by people from Pakistan. This app affects our society, according to some people. We just come across a lot of videos, for example, where girls and boys sexually transmit any song or dialog.

Tik Tok

Since everyone has access to smartphones and the internet, this app adversely affects young girls and boys living in Pakistan who spend most of their time on apps instead of studying.This app became the most downloaded on Apple’s App Store in the first half of this year, according to market analysis firm Sensor Tower. Titans like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have been beaten out.

This app is popular among young girls, but it exposes them to “caustic comments and other potential abuse.” There are also some media reports that users get disturbing comments, such as requesting private contact information or getting provocative images from the user.


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